ajsmama: Thanks Dennis - and the list is getting shorter. I have to call the ortho, not sure if I need cortisone shot in my shoulder but he did want to see me after 8 wks of PT. I promised to plant one of my heirloom lilacs on a family member's grave this fall. Oct 2, 2015 13:10:15 GMT -5
ajsmama: I might have to get DH to do the digging. Oct 2, 2015 13:11:02 GMT -5
vedabeeps: Anyone want some sbj7 seeds? I just got them free with some other seeds I ordered from Buckeye but they don't interest me. Oct 2, 2015 13:30:09 GMT -5
dmf: What's a sbj7 ? Oct 2, 2015 14:34:14 GMT -5
MikeUSMC: Pretty sure it's a Scotch Bonnet x 7 Pot Jonah cross Oct 2, 2015 14:46:23 GMT -5
MikeUSMC: Cool lookin' pods too. Not sure about the SHU level though, or the flavor Oct 2, 2015 14:55:31 GMT -5 *
The_NorthEast.ChileMan: SBJ7> Oct 3, 2015 5:27:34 GMT -5
midwestchilehead: I'll take them, vedabeeps. Want something in trade? Oct 3, 2015 8:59:11 GMT -5
vedabeeps: Cool, midwest. I'll PM you. Oct 3, 2015 9:40:42 GMT -5
Voodoo: Watching the Jets game from england, why no coverage of the kooky British fans? #freethecrazybrits Oct 4, 2015 9:31:46 GMT -5
MikeUSMC: It's amazing how quickly you can catch a buzz when you transition from black coffee to Sam Adams Octoberfest with no food in your body (rofl) Oct 4, 2015 15:39:23 GMT -5
dmf: Buzz? You mean dizzy? Voodoo, I bet the British TV coverage is totally different. Oct 4, 2015 18:56:56 GMT -5
Voodoo: So true dmf... very different Oct 4, 2015 20:54:30 GMT -5
MikeUSMC: Happy birthday, Daisy and Nate! Oct 7, 2015 4:02:41 GMT -5
vedabeeps: Thanks but its actually Veda's birthday (one of the cats,) not mine. :) I never use my real info. Oct 7, 2015 13:06:25 GMT -5
The_NorthEast.ChileMan: Thanks but its actually Veda's birthday (one of the cats,) not mine. :) I never use my real info. Oct 7, 2015 15:56:50 GMT -5
The_NorthEast.ChileMan: So is the other cats name Beep? (VedaBeep) Oct 7, 2015 15:58:19 GMT -5
vedabeeps: She made beeping noises instead of meows when we rescued her as a sick 2 pound stray kitten. The big cat is ChaCha. They're named after female race car drivers (Veda Orr and Shirley "ChaCha" Muldowney.) Oct 7, 2015 16:55:19 GMT -5
vedabeeps: Everyone knows who Shirley Muldowney is but if you don't know about Veda Orr, here's a good link: Oct 7, 2015 16:57:43 GMT -5
smokemaster: I only watched Shirley a few times before several raceways closed down many moons ago.She opened the door for several other Woman WITH A NEED FOR SPEED to take her place.She had the NEED,risked her life in her quest for it testing new stuff...not easy. Oct 8, 2015 18:12:43 GMT -5 *