Brasilian wild capsicum


smokemaster: Too late to start seeds that she hasn't received yet.I'm sending her the 2nd batch of 100 seed varieties from my stash soon.Mostly from seeds I purchased,not C2C seeds. Jun 24, 2015 8:43:34 GMT -5
mecdave: Yo Mike, we all get aphids from time to time, no need to be embarrassed. It's not like they're lice or anything. (rofl) Just missing your cheery posts. :) Jun 25, 2015 7:35:07 GMT -5
MikeUSMC: Hahahah! Thanks Dave. You sure? I was starting to feel like the "gross" kid in class! (puke) Jun 26, 2015 6:59:43 GMT -5
MikeUSMC: Been pretty hectic here lately. Sat on my ass after the back surgery for weeks. Now, I'm swamped with follow up appts and physical therapy. Been helping my buddy out with side jobs for cash here and there until my doc clears me for "full duty" work Jun 26, 2015 7:04:39 GMT -5
MikeUSMC: Not too much "light duty" work in Ironworking ;) Jun 26, 2015 7:05:15 GMT -5
mecdave: Post from Judy on the HPForum "Who said I was done... Done with what...? :rolleyes:[br][br]I simply wont have fresh pods this season for sale...[br][br]Nothing more...[br][br]Still and will continue to be in the industry... Loving peppers and sharing them...." Jun 29, 2015 8:12:50 GMT -5
mecdave: Looks like it's seeds only. Maybe she's working on growing out our collection as previously announced? Jun 29, 2015 8:18:19 GMT -5
woohooman: Yeah!!! Finished off my rain barrel water a couple weeks ago and today it came down enough for about a half hour to refill them about halfway!!!!!!!! :D :) 8-) Jun 30, 2015 17:46:21 GMT -5
MikeUSMC: Nice, Kevin! That's good news. I couldn't even imagine having to ration water to the extent you guys have to Jun 30, 2015 17:49:42 GMT -5
woohooman: Yeah. It does suck. it's been threatening for about the last week with this monsoonal moisture coming from the desert. With nothing more than a few drops, but today it finally let loose some. Rain water rules! Jun 30, 2015 17:54:41 GMT -5
smokemaster: Adding stuff to the seeds I'm sending to Judy for grow out. Jun 30, 2015 22:06:25 GMT -5 *
smokemaster: Sorting out stuff for sending out from my stash to build a mew collection.As others might be doing too.sending her a lot of varietiries. Jun 30, 2015 22:09:55 GMT -5 *
smokemaster: Several people are going to help put too. Jun 30, 2015 22:14:57 GMT -5 *
smokemaster: Been really hot and Humid here.Coming from the south.Gotta be nastier in Sandy wishes to you/your grow , whoohooman. Jul 1, 2015 0:52:39 GMT -5 *
MikeUSMC: Still no word from Bill, huh? (ottowapepper) Jul 2, 2015 16:16:33 GMT -5
smokemaster: Updated the collection again as to what I'm sending Judy.Added a few varieties too.Seeds are drying-no new seeds yet for SASBE YET.Too early...Collection are looking good.The time of harvest is coming.Thank you to ALL! Jul 2, 2015 20:20:45 GMT -5 *
smokemaster: I'll send Ottowapepper a message.We talked to each other often for a while.I just figured he was busy...both on C2C and on my personal E mail.hope he is just busy with life-not having problems with serious stuff.If I hear from him before he posts. Jul 2, 2015 21:49:20 GMT -5 *
smokemaster: I'll let people know.He is a good friend that I never met other than online.I think he just is busy with life these days.He'll be back soon I think.Life happens... Jul 2, 2015 23:17:25 GMT -5 *
MikeUSMC: Thanks, Smoke. I think a few people have tried to reach him in the last month or two, with no luck (as far as I know). I just hope everything's alright. He's the reason a bunch of us ended up at C2C back in February :) Jul 3, 2015 6:03:26 GMT -5
woohooman: Bill used to take extended absences from GW also. Probably much ado about nothing. Jul 3, 2015 12:55:02 GMT -5